Edgar Snyder Run Over by Dog Riding Motorcycle



In a cruel twist of fate, two of attorney Edgar Snyder’s favorite things combined to send him to the hospital yesterday as he was run over by a dog riding a motorcycle. Details are sketchy as to how the dog was operating the cycle, but the investigation is ongoing.

Snyder was in Erie to film a commercial where he walks into his Erie office to make it look like he actually works there, when the dog-driven motorcycle rounded a corner and ran over his foot. Snyder was quoted as saying, “There’s no fee…ling in my foot.” Contrary to his own advice, Snyder was seen talking to his insurance company as he was being loaded into an ambulance.

Snyder has retained the law offices of Berger and Green to handle his case.

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Club Nintendo’s replacement

It is sad to so a old friend like club Nintendo go as you could walk up to anyone and they could probably tell you what club Nintendo does. Yet, what I think is strange is that it has been 10 months since they said they were going to start a new program and they have not come out with a new rewards program. It is understandable that they just got rid of it around 6 months ago. So, sometime is needed make a new program but we are just not to long away from the one year that it has been since they said they were going to get rid of it. So, I hope soon that they come up with a new rewards program before it has been a year. As, it maybe 2 years or even more if they keep the procrastinating up.